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The global football culture

In de Hekken is since 2010 thé online platform for global football culture in The Netherlands. Experiencing the number one peoples sport in the world all the way in to your living room. Passionate football romanticist who are sharing their experiences writing reports combined with a proper amount of photo and video footage. We believe the total experience can only be achieved if you are there with us. Sense the passion, feel de love, the culture. The more authentic the experience, the better. Being in the stands whatever the weather is, because you live for football. We make it possible to push your limits as football enthusiasts.

In recent years the specialist of Away Days Football Travel have build up a wide network within the global world of football. A network of people who are just like us. Passionate about football, eager to share it. For both them and us football is much more than 90 minutes in a stadium. It goes beyond the football stadiums. They have given us a unique inside in their experience, local culture and history. They made us part of their passion, their lives. They showed us what it feels like to be supporter fo their football club.  They made us supporter of their football club. 

Everywhere we come, football intertwined with society. It is part of the (local) commonalty, it defines historical events in the lives of football fans. We take you into that life. We let you be part of that society.

With one or more football matches as a basis we create unforgettable experiences. Share your passion, broaden your cultural horizons. This is for football fans, by football fans.   

Our team

Jilke Hellinga

Founder & Travel Specialist

He is already over 10 years part of the global football culture. His passion goes beyond the football stadiums. He makes his experience your unforgettable experience. 

Edin Hrapovic

Balkan Specialist

Thanks to a wide network of people he knows all the ins and outs of the Balkan and former Yugoslavia, With over 30 years of experience he will keep surprising you for the best experiences. 

Do you want to join us?

Travel Specialist

Do you have a passion for football, international travel experience and do you want to share this with other football enthusiasts? Let’s get to know each other to see if we can work together!

The ultimate football experience

Challenge yourself als football enthusiast. Experience the authenticity, the unique character and special composition of our football trips for your perfect football weekend. 

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