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Away Days Football Travel is providing the European market with hand picked football trips since 2018. But also travelers from other parts of the world are more than welcome to join us.We have an extensive experience when it comes to travel the world and visiting major football matches. We want to share our experiences with you, together with our local hosts. These experiences go beyond 90 minutes in a football stadium. We show you the history, make you part of the local society and football culture. Football is much more than a match, it is a lifestyle. And you are right in the middle of it.

We always go for the most authentic approach. That means that our specialists have visited a destination one or multiple times because of the love for football and the local culture. During those trips we have met a lot of like minded people, passionate locals who share that love. They are willing to give you an insight in their life as football fans, their match experiences. You are not watching it, you will be part of it. No hired tourist agencies, but trusted Away Days friends. Our trips are for football fans, organized by football fans. That makes us one of a kind.

An impression of the trips we have done before

Derby de Lisboa

One of our favorite destinations, Lisbon. This city has a rich football culture, mainly well hidden unless you know what to look for. With our local friends you are not only visiting Derby de Lisboa, but also dive into that amazing local football culture and history. We will visit several places in the city which were key in the development of Portugese football.

The first two editions of this trip were sold out. Are you coming the next one in January 2021.

Sarajevo Supremacy

The city we call our second home. Sarajevo is the home town of one of our specialists, so we can show you all the secrets of the city and the Sarajevo derby. You will experience a derby day like you have never experienced it before. You are part of the ultras, home or away. It is your choice. You will remember this trip for the rest of your life.

Check our last Sarajevo trip

Samba de Futebol

Our newest trip will bring us all the way to South America, the land of football: Brasil. Not only do we visit many top football matches in both Rio as well as Sao Paulo, we will give you an unique insight in the local football culture. We will visit a Favela where tourists never come, guided by the Favela leader and Flamengo supporter. He will show us the football street project of his neighborhood. With our visit we contribute to the development of this project.

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