Away Days – Stockholm Spectacular

It was a long wait for another trip to the Swedish capital, Stockholm. The last time we were there was in April 2019. That was a phenomenal debut trip which will have a fitting sequel. The latest Stockholm trip is completely sold out and the fantastic news is that both Hammarby and Djurgarden are still fighting for the title.

Before we immerse ourselves in the football passion, firstly it is time to enjoy the city. Built on several islands, Stockholm is a fascinating urban metropolis to visit. From historic districts and a modern centre to a lively student district, there is much to discover in the Swedish capital.

Dining in Gamla Stan

Once everyone has arrived and unpacked, it’s time to explore Stockholm. A good metro network allows visitors to travel quickly between the different districts. Since it is already midday, Gamla Stan is the destination of choice. This district is the old city centre of the capital, with cosy terraces, quaint shops and colourful houses. It is also home to the Royal Palace.

Our group finds a cosy spot at an Italian for dinner. It is the perfect opportunity to get to know each other and kick off the weekend. Once a good foundation has been laid, the group moves a few doors down the road to an Irish pub with atmospheric live music. The vocal cords take a beating as people enthusiastically sing along into the wee hours.

Pre-match with Bajen ultras

Late in the morning, we leave for Sodermalm. The flow of green and white towards this lively Stockholm district is already well underway. Even a stray away supporter can be found here and there. Before long, we are enjoying our first beers as the derby atmosphere builds. We have found our spot in one of the pubs belonging to the Bajen Ultras, the fanatical supporters of Hammarby.

Before heading towards the stadium, another visit to Medborgarplatsen. Here we meet some friends from Away Days, who are also members of the Hammarby Ultras. They are looking forward to it, and have faith in a good result. The green and whites have been doing extremely well recently, but they have not yet been able to celebrate a championship title. This season there is another chance. Perhaps.

Spectacle in the stands

The Stockholm Derby is fought not only on the pitch, but even more so in the stands. Many times, the spectacular scenes feature in the annual rankings of Europe’s finest derbies. With both short sides of the stadium filled with fanatical supporters looking to outdo each other, it is a guarantee for fireworks. Once again, we are not disappointed.

The Hammarby ultras display a giant canvas with beautiful images of the city of Stockholm. The DIF ultras kick off their pre match with a huge banner followed by another banner, many flags and lots of pyro.

Exciting Stockholm Derby

The stakes are high. Both Hammarby and Djurgarde are still playing for the title. So a win is all that matters, or at least you would expect it to be. However, it is the home team that plays football. The visitors only think about defending and hope for a counter. An exciting game of football with good chances for the green and whites. A goal is unfortunately not scored in the first period, both the post and the goalkeeper prevent that from happening.

The second half is the same story. Everyone is on the edge of their seats. Hammarby’s fanatical supporters create a huge pyro show. The stadium fills with smoke which soon becomes a fog and play is halted.

Consequently, it takes a while before play resumes. The home team still gets a couple of huge chances to grab a winner. And, just before full time, a header. 1-0!!!
The stadium explodes.

But soon disbelief sets in. There is a flag for offside. There is no VAR so everyone knows the decision will stand.So it remains 0-0, but it’s a game that is much better than the scoreline sounds. We weren’t bored for a single moment; a derby with all the trimmings.

We will return in 2023 and 2024 and enjoy more spectacular Stockholm Derbies! Many thanks to everyone who joined us for this! It was a lot of fun!

September 2022

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