Huracan Foundation

Away Days supports the Huracan Foundation

In 2023 we became the official partner of the Huracan Foundation. The organisation gets its name from the founder Henry May and his love for Argentine football club CA Huracan. Henry, like everyone else at Away Days, has a deep passion for global football culture and for Argentina in particular. His foundation is committed to using football in the development of education across the globe. Teachers from the Teach for All network are supported in many ways, including through teaching material and finances. All funds raised directly benefit the chosen projects, meaning that a relatively small foundation is able to achieve a great deal.

The Huracan Foundation is able to help provide children with a decent education instead of them ending up involved in crime or addicted to drugs. The foundation treats everyone equally so that girls and young women also receive education to help them build a solid future. And all this is achieved in an environment where football has the power to enable fantastic development projects to succeed. In recent years, this has resulted in successful projects in countries such as Nepal, India, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, Armenia, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and, of course, Argentina. 

Away Days supports the Huracan Foundation by donating money from each person who joins one of our football tours. This money goes to one or more of these projects where the financial support is most needed. In addition, Away Days strives to be able to fully finance one of these development projects every year.  We also support the foundation by documenting its fantastic work on our website and social media channels. By doing this, the foundation receives the extra attention it deserves. 

If you would like to further support the foundation via a donation, you can do so by using the donate button on this page. We will ensure that your full donation ends up in the right place and immediately helps improve the lives of others less fortunate than us.

If the donate button is not working, please let us know immediately. Donations go via PayPal. Thank you for supporting!

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