Glentoran FC v Linfield FC

For a football enthusiast visiting The Oval must be on your bucket list. This beautiful stadium is historically unique in this modern football world. The home ground of Glentoran FC breaths football in every detail. This time machine brings you back in time in the world of football just after the second World War. It doesn’t surprise us this stadium is on many lists presenting the most beautiful stadiums in the World. The perfect place for the derby clash between The Big Two of Northern Ireland: arch rivals Glentoran FC and Linfield FC. This is raw football culture at its best.

The Big Two

The most successful clubs in the country, Glentoran and Linfield. Besides, the clubs have the biggest fanbase of het country. The derby is already played 465 times, only counting the official matches. The first meeting was on the 1st of October 1887. A fantastic rivalry with robust passion which suits the heritage of this magnificent derby.


The Northern Irish capital is developing. Besides its fascinating, turbulent history (The Troubles) and colorful murals this city is also the hometown of Titanic. The famous was build here to never return its port again. For those who want to explore the nightlife, you won’t get disappointed. You can find several authentic pubs as well as trendy cocktail bars providing you with great live music. If you want the perfect night out, treat yourself with a proper pub tour.

Your travel details

Before the derby you will have an extensive stadium tour in The Oval by an inspired employee of the club. They work for the club, but are also fans with a big heart beating for The Glens. They will show you all the unique elements of this historical ground before you dive into the passion of Belclasico.

The match pack includes:

  • Match ticket Glentoran FC v Linfield FC including a stadium tour at The Oval before the match
  • Two nights in a 3-star hotel in central Belfast including breakfast
  • Black Cab Tour alongside the Murals and Peace Wall of Western Belfast
  • In case of a one person booking a surcharge of € 100,- applies
  • Extra nights and/or activities are optional on request.
The Big Two

Glentoran and Linfield are the biggest and most successful clubs of Northern Ireland. They both have fantastic fanatic support which will give you a proper old fashioned 'British' derby day.

The Oval Stadiun

Usually highly ranked if not number one when it comes to the most beautiful stadiums in the world. Stadiums like The Oval are very rare these days. It is like a time machine taking you back to the fifties. The question is for how long, as The Glens have the desire to build a new stadium.

Murals & Peace Wall

Decades of 'troubles' in Belfast between the Protestants and Catholics have taken its toll. Throughout the whole city you will find colorful murals and the Peace Wall in the West. An immense wall separating both groups. An impressive tour you will remember for a lifetime.

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