Privacy Statement

Juli 1st, 2018

Your privacy is very important at Away Days Football Travel. We follow the law regarding privacy. This means your personal informations is safe with us and we only use it for necessary purposes regarding the organization of football trips. In this privacy statement we explain you what will happen with your personal details at Away Days Football Travel. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. 

Statistics and profiling

We are monitoring website statistics, but these data is alway anonymous. We use this data to improve our website so we can provide you with relevant information. We are able to combine your personal details for our benefit, but we will always respect your privacy. If you do not appreciate this, please report it to us. 

We only use the information you have given us based on your approval. We keep this information safe as long as we have a mutual business relationship.  

Contact form, quotation form and booking form

With these forms you can ask us questions or book a trip. 

We only use the information you have given us based on your approval and is necessary to come to a travel agreement with you. We keep this information safe as long as we have a mutual business relationship or when you are satisfied with our respons. 


We would like to share our advertisement and information with you regarding our football trips and services. We do this via:

  • e-mail (newsletter)
  • social media

You can object to this advertisement at any suitable moment.  

Other (third) parties

We don’t share personal information with third parties unless necessary and consulted with you, for example when the law obligates us to do so or when authorities (for example police) demands us to do so.  Our partners, like hotels, might request for the names of the travelers before arrival. We will provide them with your full name as part of the booking. At arrival they might ask for your identification. Some of our partners are situated outside the European Union. 

Our website has social media buttons. The hosts of these sites gather your personal details. 

We allow Google to use Analytics information to be used for other Google services. We don’t request Google to anonymize the IP-addresses. 


Security of personal details is very important for us. We make sure your personal details are well secured and we adjust the security when necessary and keep track of possible hazards. 

Changing the privacy statement

When our website changes, we might also need to change our privacy statement. Look at the mentioned date above if a new version is applicable. We will do our best to announce any changes in advance. 

Insight and changing personal details

If you have any questions or you want to know which personal details we have from you, feel free to contact us. You will find our contact details below or via our contact form. 

You have the following rights:

  • receive explanation about which personals details we have from you and we do with it. 
  • get insight in the personal details we have from you.
  • correcting any mistakes in your personal details
  • deleting your old personal details
  • withdrawal your admittance
  • object certain use of your personal details

Always be clear in who you are, so we don’t change or delete details from the wrong person. 

File a complaint

If you believe we don’t help you in a way we should, you have the right to file a complaint at the supervising authorities. This is the Data Protection Authority.

Contact details

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