AS Roma v Lazio Roma

Like in the old ages Roman superpowers AS Roma and Lazio battle for the honor of the city. Which team will be the best representative of the capital in Italy? Which team can compete with top teams like Juventus, Napoli and the clubs from Milan. The pride of the capital is at stake, tifosi of both clubs understand that more than anyone else. Here you will find unprecedented passion and the best choreo’s. This is Derby della Capitale.


The Italian capital is an open air museum. In the city center you walk from ancient highlight to ancient highlight while you enjoy the typical Italian streetlife. Who thinks this city can only provide you with beautiful architecture, will definitely be surprised. Rome has much more to offer. The city could definitely be the most trendy and versatile city of the country. It has vibrant nightlife, but mainly it is culinary heaven. But to find it, you need to explore the city where the mass will not come.

Derby della Capitale

The rivalry originates from the twenties. The pride of the capitals risee and the differences between clubs on policital and social level provided extra fuel for the rivalry. Often this means fiery derby clashes, which made Derby della Capitale to one of the biggest derby’s in the world. The Roman football passion is rooted deeply in the hearts of the people, which is shown on the pitch but even more on the stands. A true spectacle in Stadio Olimpico, the Colosseum of present time.

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This 3-day trip includes:

  • You will stay in a 3-star hotel in central Rome
  • In case of a one person booking a surcharge of € 100,- applies
  • Match day: visit Derby della Capitale
  • Hosted by one of our Away Days specialists
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Derby della Capitale

The battle of Rome is all about the Capitals' best representation in Italy. An unprecedented rivalry formed by cultural and political differences. Stadio Olimpico is the modern Colosseum for this fantastic, passionate Derby della Capitale

Authentic Rome

The ancient Italian capital is surprisingly a very vibrant city. Despite the ancient decor the city is very trending and versatile. The capital as open air museum has a hip nightlife and lively, culinary culture.

History at walking distance

All ancient highlights of the city are in walking distance. Walk from the Colosseum tot the Spanish Steps or the Vatican while experiencing the typical Italian streetlife.

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