Football Round Trip Japan

Japan is one of the most beautiful, versatile countries in the world. The diversity of cities, magnificent nature and friendly culture makes it a must visit destination. Add a very unique, interesting football culture to the program and you have a dream trip which will be remembered for a lifetime. Welcome in the land of the rising sun!

The programme of the round trip Japan

  • You will visit 5 to 6 football matches in Japan and possibly one baseball match depending on the fixture schedules of 2024
  • After arrival we will stay three days in Tokyo to explore this city and experience the great highlights of the Japanese capital including the first football matches
  • A day trip to Nikko, to experience Shinto and the Buddhism. The place of many temples and shrines
  • Visiting Hakone and the beautiful nature around it with magnificent views on Mount Fuji
  • Multiple days in Kanazawa and Kyoto for the authentic Japanese culture, historic city areas, typical Japanese clothing, customs and cuisine. Experience the history and development of this exciting country
  • Multiple days in harbor cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki, because of its turbulent history, but also because of the subtropical climate and interesting trading history with Europe
  • In Osaka we finish the round trip from where you can fly back home or travel back to Tokyo to take your return flight there.


We stay for multiple days in the Japanese capital. On the one hand because of the many interesting football clubs the city host. On the other hand because this fantastic metropole has so much to offer. From the many neon lights to the famous Shibuya Crossing, the Palace of the Emperor till the beautiful Japanese gardens and the diversity in interesting areas of the city with each a different theme.

Hakone & Mount Fuji

After the crowded big city we head for the peace and quiet of the Japanese nature around Hakone with amazing lookouts with the incredible Mount Fuji in the background.

Kanazawa & Kyoto

These two cities are home of the authentic Japanese culture. You will see beautiful temples, historic areas, unique Japanese clothing, ancient customs and of course the Japanese cuisine.Furthermore, the cities offer interesting football culture and matches to visit.

Hiroshima & Nagasaki

Everyone knows these cities of the atomic bombs in 1945. But both harbor cities have so much more to offer besides that history and the subtropic climate. These cities are famous for their trading history with Europe and a lot of the modern history can be found here. These destinations are perfect for finalizing this amazing round trip.

Your travel details

This unique football round trip you won’t find it anywhere else. Definitely a trip of a lifetime which will enrich you in every way. A phenomenal experience in every detail.

This 18-days trip includes o.a.:

  • Visiting 5 to 6 football matches and possibly a baseball match
  • 17 nights variating from staying in 3-4 star hotels including breakfast, a typical Japanese capsule hotel till staying in an authentic Japanese house including Japanese beds
  • Japanese Rail Pass for 14 days unlimited train traveling (bullet train)
  • Nikko pass and Hakone Free Pass included
  • Guidance of one of our specialists included
  • In case of a one person booking a surcharge of € 650,- applies
  • Important: the deposit per person for this trip is € 300,-
  • Optional:Expand your trip with extra nights, matches and activities. Ask for the possibilities.
A special football trip available for a limited amount of football enthousiasts. Book your Away Days trip now!

Away Days Football Travel - Football Trip Indonesia - Java and Bali
Away Days Football Travel - Football Trip Indonesia - Java and Bali
Away Days Football Travel - Football Trip Indonesia - Java and Bali
Away Days Football Travel - Football Trip Indonesia - Java and Bali
Away Days Football Travel - Football Trip Indonesia - Java and Bali
Away Days Football Travel - Football Trip Indonesia - Java and Bali
Away Days -Japanese Football Passion
Japanese Football Culture

The Japanse football culture is both unique and surprising. Each club has its own type of support inspired by supporters around the world like the European ultras and the South American Barra Bravas

Away Days - Japanese culture
Japanese culture

Japan is very versatile. Our round trip covers every aspect of the Japanese culture, from modern to authentic, from the beautiful nature to the friendly people giving colour to the country. And not to forget, the amazing Japanese cuisine

Away Days - Tokyo
Starting in Tokyo

The capital is where it all starts. We will spend multiple days in this metropole to explore and experience amazing Tokyo. The different areas with their own atmosphere and culture in combination with great highlights, gardens and temples

Away Days - Hakone & Mount Fuji
Hakone & Mount Fuji

If you say Japan, you say Mount Fuji. The iconic mountain is world wide one of the most famous mountains. We visit Hakone and its beautiful surroundings with stunning views and Mount Fuji as gentle giant in the back

Away Days - authentic Japan
Authentic Japan

In the cities Kanazawa and Kyoto you will experience ancient Japan. Temples, shrines, authentic neighborhoods, customs, Japanese clothing and typical Japanese food is what is on the menu with a pinch of football culture.

Away Days - Hiroshima & Nagasaki
Hiroshima & Nagasaki

These harbor cities not only have a subtropical climate and are known for the atomic bombs in 1945, they also provide modern Japan and an interesting history of trading with Europe. A perfect end of our round trip to Japan

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