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‘The country where the Earth stops’. Chili is the place where the South American culture is enriched with Spanish influences. A country which embraces its traditions. Chili is absolutely one of the greatest, most Beautiful and divers countries of the continent. Discover its unique character, the hospitality of the people and of course the passionate South American football culture with one of the Santiago Football Derbies as the highlight of the trip.

The matches:

    • Match 1 – Santiago derby: Colo Colo v Un. Catolica – not only one of the biggest football derby’s in South America, both clubs fight for the Championship each season. Catolica is currently the Champion.
    • The other matches will be announced as soon as the exact match days and kick-off times are known. Examples are Universidad de Chile v Audax Italiano, Palestino v Everton, Union Espanola v O’Higgins, but also matches in the lower divisions.

Santiago, Valparaiso and Vina del Mar

We start our trip in Santiago, the Capital of Chili. This is the city for epicureans. Enjoy the Mediterranean climate, the endless amount of parks. the terraces of Bellavista, the wine and the culinary versatility. And of course, Santiago is a football city. It is home of three of the biggest football clubs in the country which fight for the Championship each season. In several areas of the city you can also find the old school South American football culture. We are there to experience it!

After a few days we leave for the coast, to the most colorful city of the continent. Without a doubt the most beautiful city in the country. Valparaiso honors its name. A combinator of valley and paradise. The city is world heritage and it doesn’t take long to figure out why. Divided over several hills the city is a large piece of art. Part of the city is even an open air museum.

Close to Valparaiso is our last destination. Vina Del Mar is the place to be if you want to relax at on of the many beaches. So sit back and relax. For those who are looking for adventure, you can go on a boat cruise, go diving or explore lively Reñaca beach. It is the ideal region to have a proper holiday feeling.

Both Valparaiso and Vina Del Mar have decent football culture. Football clubs like Santiago Wanderers and Everton can be found here. Santiago’s stadium can be found at an amazing place close to the ocean. Depending on the fixture schedule we will check if we can visit one or both clubs at a match. The same as in Santiago, we will also check out the lower leagues for proper football culture.

Football Trip Chili – Several activities

Our local host was part of the Barra Bravas for quite some years. They are the fanatic supporters of South America. He knows the local football culture like no other and will share this with you. Furthermore he will present us authentic Chili, the hidden secrets and the Chilean cuisine. We will also discover the background stories of colorful Valparaiso, where all the street art can be found. Of course you will have plenty of time to go out and discover the several destinations by yourself. Mingle with the welcoming locals.

Your travel details

A unique football trip for the enthusiasts who like to discover one of the most beautiful countries of South America. A holiday which has it all, sun, sea, beaches and a relaxing atmosphere. Besides the local football culture, you will experience everything what makes Chili a wonderful country,

This 11-day trip includes:

  • Visiting at least four matches during Football Trip Chili, including the Santiago Derby between Colo Colo and Un. Catolica
  • Several activities to discover authentic Chili, which will be presented as soon as the travel data are known
  • 10 nights (4-star hotel including pool) in several cities close to hotspots and the beach
  • All airport transfers and local transportation are included (matches/activities)
  • Guidance of one our specialists as well as our local host are included
  • First diner in Santiago is included, taste the Chilean kitchen
  • Note: the deposit for this trip is € 300,-, in case of a one person booking a surcharge of € 400,- applies
  • For arriving in Santiago on the 30th of September, most flights will depart on the 29th. Traveling back from Chili means you will arrive a day later than the departure from Santiago
  • Optional: the trip can be extended by booking extra nights. Ask us for the possibilities
A special football trip available for a limited amount of football enthousiasts. Book your Away Days trip now or check our other football trips!

Away Days Football Travel - Football Trip Chili - Santiago, Valparaiso & Vina del Mar
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Away Days Football Travel - Football Trip Chili - Santiago, Valparaiso & Vina del Mar
Away Days - Barra Bravas
Experience it like a Barra Brava

Our host is a former Barra Brava from Catolica. He knows the local football culture like no other. Feel the South American football passion and become part of it!

Away Days - Vibrant Santiago
Vibrant Santiago

The Capital of Chili is a place for people who live life to the fullest. There is always something to do. Mingle with the welcoming locals, enjoy the great neighborhoods like Bellavista and Lastarria. We take you to authentic Chili!

Away Days - Valparaiso
Colorful Valperaiso & Vina del Mar

The second destination is at the coast of Chili. The open air museum of Valparaiso, with its colorful neighborhoods and street art. We will be ending this trip at the beach for a well deserved relaxation!

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