Hajduk Split v Dinamo Zagreb

Two former great football powers from the Yugoslavia era with a classic rivalry. The capital versus the second city. The elite versus the people. Since the first independent Croatian league in 1992, Hajduk and Dinamo are the most succesful clubs of the country. Dinamo in particular is the team to beat looking back at the last decade. The ultras of both clubs have a world wide reputation when it comes to football passion and support. Especially Torcida, being the oldest ultras group of Europe since 1950. A fierce rivalry splitting a country in two.


Split is the bustling port city of Croatia located on the Adriatic Sea. With a beautiful historic Roman city center and the versatility around it, you won’t be bored for a moment. The large “white” city has a lovely promenade full of restaurants and bars. It has a Venetian feel in many ways. But you can also go to Split for the beach. The sandy Bačvice beach is within walking distance of the center. Your sunny holiday destination!


Zagreb is the capital of Croatia. It alternates an authentic medieval character with modern architecture. The city is actually divided into an upper and lower city, where the upper part is authentic Zagreb. Designed over the centuries by versatile architectural influences and in recent decades by beautiful street art. Maybe not the first city that comes to mind for a city trip, but Zagreb is very lively and will definitely surprise you. Cozy streets, squares with terraces and of course a Mediterranean character.

Hrvatski Derbi – Eternal Rivals

Also in Croatia they speak of the Eternal Derby between the eternal rivals. It is the Classic of the country. A rivalry that dates back to the 1920s. The then Zagreb-based Gradanski fought many times against Hajduk in the Yugoslav Kingdom. However, after World War II Gradanski was banned by the government and Dinamo Zagreb took its place. Soon Hajduk and Dinamo belonged to the big four of Yugoslavia along with Red Star and Partizan. Since the independence of Croatia in 1991, the rivalry between the two superpowers has grown enormously. The two ultras groups live for their club. A passion that goes far beyond 90 minutes of football.

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Together with our local guide you will experience this eternal clash up close. A fierce rivalry at max level. Beating your rival is the only thing that counts. Furthermore you will enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere, authentic city center and buzzing nightlife.

    • You will stay in a 4-star hotel in Splitr
    • In case of a one person booking a surcharge of € 125,- applies
    • Visiting Hrvatski Derbi:Hajduk Split v Dinamo Zagreb
    • Airport transfer from and to Split Airport
    • We discover the diversity of the Croatian culture and its Harbour city
    • Guidance by one of our specialists plus our local host

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Hrvatski Derbi

The big Croatian Derby between huge rivals Dinamo Zagreb and Hajduk Split has a world wide reputation when it comes to football passion. This goes beyond 90 minutes of football and should be on your bucket list for sure!

Away Days - Zagreb
Vibrant Zagreb

The capital is the beating heart of Croatia with plenty to offer. From ancient architecture to amazing street art and from cozy modern restaurants to a thrilling nightlife. The perfect destination for a football trip.

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