FK Velež v HŠK Zrinjski

For the absolute enthousiast we offer this unique, exclusive trip to Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2019 Velez returned to the top league which means the return of the second city derby of the country. Definitely one to experience. A rivalry on high voltage. The beautiful city of Mostar will be fully controlled by the derby, dividing the city in two with the Neretva river as separation between the two sides. This trip has limited availability.

The matches:

      • 15 October 2021: FK Velež v HŠK Zrinjski
      • 17 October 2021: FK Zeljeznicar v Tuzla City
      • Possibly another match in Bosnia or Croatia on Saturday October 16th


Mostar is founded in the 13th century and thrives as a trading city in the Ottoman empire. Thanks to its strategic location the city is the connection between the Balkans and the Adriatic sea. In 1566 the famous Stari Most (Old Bridge) is completed. During the civil war in 1993, the bridge is completely destroyed. Thanks to Turkey, Stari Most is rebuild en opened again in 2004 and is now UNESCO world heritage. The bridge and the Neretva river are still separating East and West, which makes it also the separation between the Croats and Bosniaks. The small, historical city center is definitely worth the visit.

More than a neighborly fight

As said, this is a rivalry on high voltage. Zrinjski was forbidden after the second World War, because of its Crotian origins. Croatia cooperated with nazi-Germany at that time. The club returned after the civil war in the nineties and they were assigned to play in the stadium of Velez. Not only because it is situated in the Croatian part of the city, but also as some sort of revenche. So Velez had to find themselves a new home ground and as they were opposing fascism, their rivalry with Zrinjski has much more to it than just a neighborly fight.

Your travel details

This 4-dat trip includes:

      • You will stay in a 3-star hotel in central Mostar and 4-star hotel in Sarajevo (last night)
      • In case of a one person booking a surcharge of € 100,- applies
      • Match day: visiting the Mostar Derby and FK Zeljeznicar v Tuzla City
      • Visit the unique Stadion Gospin Dolac in Imotski (at the border of Croatia and Bosnia)
      • Visit Kravica waterfalls close to Mostar
      • Hosted by one of our Away Days specialists together with our local host
      • Local transportation by minibus
A special football trip available for a limited amount of football enthousiasts. Book your Away Days trip now!

IMPORTANT:The starting point of this trip is Sarajevo (Bosnia) to go on by minibus towards Mostar. A minimum of 6 people is required for this trip. As soon as the minimum number of people is reached, we will inform you to book your flight ticket. If you need help booking your flight ticket, let us know.

Away Days - The Old Firm
Away Days - The Old Firm
Away Days - The Old Firm
Away Days - The Old Firm
Away Days - Mostar
Fierce rivalry

What does it feel like to see your home get taken by your rivals? This is not only a rivalry which divides a city, but is special and unique in many aspects. Get ready for a great derby at a beautiful decor.

Away Days - Mostar
Cultural heritage

The city center with the famous bridge is world heritage by UNESCO. A city that has suffered, but slowly starts showing all her beauty again. Discover the ancient side as well as the modern street art.

Away Days - Mostar 3
Stadion Gospin Dolac

At the border of Bosnia and Croatia you will find on the Worlds most beautifu stadiums: Stadion Gospin Dolac. You can admire this ground from every angle and is very close to Mostar. We are going for a visit.

Away Days - Mostar 4
Natural wonder

Close to Mostar you can find one of Bosnia's natural wonders: de waterfalls of Kravica. An ideal place for relaxation or a refreshing dive after a thrilling derby day. This beauty is hidden between the woods and we will take you there for a swim.

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