Red Star v Partizan

Europe’s premier derby needs no explanation. The Eternal Derby is the most passionate, fiery and unforgettable derby in all of Europe. In fact, when it comes to football passion, the Belgrade Derby is one of the world’s must-experience football spectacles. And while the quality of football on the pitch might not always be world class, the madness and atmosphere on the terraces is one of the greatest in world football. These two rivals want to win at all costs on and off the pitch. Nobody who attends this very special derby ever forgets the crazy displays of flags and banners, the incessant chanting and singing, the sulphuric mist of flares, smoke bombs and fireworks, nor the hairs on your neck standing up in unison at the sheer overwhelming buzz and excitement of this encounter.

A derby like no other


There is no doubt that Belgrade is one of the most underrated and underestimated capitals in all of Europe. While the Serbian capital remains low on the list of leading European getaways and still off the radar for millions, on the contrary, we believe this is one of the continent’s most vibrant and exciting destinations. If you are expecting another grey Eastern Bloc concrete metropolis, then think again! The Lonely Planet declared that Belgrade is home to the best nightlife in the world and we concur that this city offers a weekend experience that’s hard to beat: buzzing nightlife, cool cafe culture, fantastic restaurants, fascinating tourism discoveries aplenty and of course the not-to-be-missed Belgrade Derby!

Eternal rivals

Both clubs were established in 1945 and have dominated Serbian football ever since. Partizan and Red Star are the two most popular and successful clubs in the country and the rivalry takes on almost unreal proportions at times. This city rivalry feels so much bigger than football and extends to basketball and beyond.

Your travel details:

This 4-day trip includes:

    • You will stay in an excellent 4-star hotel in central Belgrade
    • A surcharge of € 85,- applies on solo travellers
    • Match day: guaranteed tickets for the Serbian Eternal Derby
    • Hosted by one of our Away Days specialists together with our local host, former member of Delije (Red Star Ultras)
    • Discover the local football culture and lively nightlife of the city

This is a special football trip available for a limited number of football enthusiasts and is almost certain to sell out. Book now to avoid disappointment at missing out.

Away Days - The Old Firm
Away Days - The Old Firm
Away Days - The Old Firm
Away Days - The Old Firm
Away Days - Belgrado 4
Enjoyment and socializing

The former Yugoslavia is well known for its delicious cuisine, particularly its meat grills and succulent steaming barbecues.

Away Days - Belgrado 3
Rich football culture

Besides ‘the big two’, there is a lot more football culture to discover in this amazing city. Many clubs - big and small - are found all over the city. We can easily arrange an extra match for you to attend during your visit or a city tour taking in several of Belgrade's stadiums.

Away Days - Belgrado
The Derby of European Derby's

When it's Derby time, the eternal rivalry between Red Star and Partizan takes over and consumes city life for several days. Away Days will ensure you experience the derby up close and personal. A former member of Delije ( Red Star fanatics) will be on hand throughout your stay to ensure you will return home having truly seen and felt what this game really means to the local fans.

Away Days - Belgrado 2
Best nightlife city in the world

Belgrade is a vibrant and exciting city that knows how to drink, laugh, eat and party better than almost any other capital on earth. Bars, pubs, restaurants and nightclubs abound with friendly and glamorous locals. At weekends, an exciting buzz fills the air with the party going on until dawn.

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