Rio de Janeiro & São Paulo

Rio de Janeiro, the Copacabana, the Maracana stadium and São Paulo. These are the basic ingredients for a unique, sunny Brasil trip. You will visit at least five football matches, including top matches. You will experience the versatile Brazilian football culture in every way possible. Not only around and within the stadiums, but also deep into one of Rio’s favela’s. A place where you normally wouldn’t come. This is thé memorable football trip in advance, which you will be thinking off for the rest of your life.

The matches

  • Visiting at least five football matches, including top matches. The exact matches will depend on the traveling time and fixture schedule. We aim for the Flamengo v Fluminense derby to be part of the trip.

Rio de Janeiro & São Paulo

Rio, city of the Copacabana, Christ the savior and football. According to many the most beautiful city in the World. A destination which should be on your bucket list for sure. From the beautiful beaches until deep in the favela’s, this city breathes football. Relax for some time at the beach or explore the versatile city, activities or one of the many cozy (Samba) bars or restaurants. Colorful Rio is a must visit for those who love football.

São Paulo is the metropole of architecture, but also the football capital of Brasil. Between all the massive buildings you will find beautiful parks, palm trees, hundreds of shops and huge football stadiums. This hip fashion and coffee city will surprise you in many ways. But when you are done exploring, relax alongside the swimming pool of the hotel or just dive right in.

Favela Tour Rio

It is not difficult to get a favela tour nowadays. It gives you a glimpse of the life in the slums, nothing more. We do it differently. Under the guidance of the Favela leader and Flamengo supporter we will visit his favela, where tourism doesn’t come. We get to know his surroundings, his people and the local football project of the neighborhood by example of Favela Street. Most of the times football is the only thing they have and via this way we want to give them support to develop this project in the favela. Football is life.

Your travel details

This thé football trip for the football enthusiast. A holiday with sun, sea, beach, laidback South American atmosphere and lots of football. Besides a huge amount of Brazilian football culture, you will see what makes Brasil such an amazing country.

This 11-day trip includes:

  • Book now your early bird ticket with a € 100,- discount.
  • Visit 5 matches (visiting more matches is optional)
  • Unique Favela tour by the Favela leader and Flamengo supporter
  • 8 nights (3 star hotel) in Rio de Janeiro on walking distance if the Copacabana
  • 3 nights (4 star hotel with pool) in São Paulo
  • Flight Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo is included
  • All airport transfer and local transportation to the stadiums is included
  • Hosted by one of our Away Days specialists together with our local host
  • Important: the down payment per person for this trip is € 300,-
  • Optional: Expand your trip with extra nights and activities. Ask for the possibilities.
A special football trip available for a limited amount of football enthousiasts. Book your Away Days trip now!

Will you join us on this trip?

Share your passion, broaden your cultural horizons. For football fans, by football fans!

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