FK Željezničar v FK Sarajevo

The Sarajevo Derby is one of Europe’s most intense and fierce derbies. The two biggest clubs in Bosnia and Herzegovina have been fighting it out with each other for decades for the honour of being the top dog in the Bosnian capital. This game has a special rivalry which is further intensified by a turbulent history. Get ready to experience a truly passionate, deafeningly loud and fiery battle on and off the pitch which will very possibly be quite unlike anything else you have ever experienced before in world football. Our Away Days trip to Sarajevo brings you up close and personal with the fans both inside and outside of the stadium as we get to spend time with the local fans before and after the game as well as right amongst it at the Stadion Grbavica. This will be a derby day experience like no other.

Sarajevo – unique and unlike anywhere in Europe

Sarajevo is one of the most colourful capitals in Europe and is quite unlike anywhere else on the continent. This city has historically been at the crossroads of Europe and the East, and its people, architecture, customs and culture have been influenced over the centuries by the Ottoman Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, its time as an integral part of Yugoslavia and the terrible events and trauma suffered by the city during the Bosnian War siege of the early 90’s.

Visiting this city you feel like you have one foot in the East and one foot in the West and yet this proud city feels quite unlike any other capital you will have visited in your lifetime. Even the food feels completely different from that which we experience in other parts of Europe! Sarajevo is a destination which will surprise you in a very positive way.

Remarkable rivalry

A rivalry already existed between these two clubs before they even played each other for the first time. Indeed, it took eight years before the first official derby was played in 1954. These archrivals are often evenly matched and after 150 derbies neither club can claim to dominate these incredibly passionate encounters with ‘the people’s club’ FK Željezničar leading ‘the club of the elite’ FK Sarajevo 46-45 on victories. All of you travelling with us to Sarajevo will experience this derby up close and be part of the passion. Expect singing, chanting, colours, choreography, fire and flags like something you have never seen before, causing the hairs to stand up on your neck, strained vocal cords and goosebumps aplenty.

Your travel details

This unforgettable 4-day trip includes:

  • You will stay in a beautiful 4-star hotel in central Sarajevo
  • For solo travelers, a surcharge of € 110,- applies
  • Matchday: tickets guaranteed for what is expected to be a completely sold-out Sarajevo Derby
  • City tour of magnificent Sarajevo – visiting several ancient and historical places
  • Diner in a authentic Bosnian restaurant, trying delicious local delicacies
  • Hosted by one of our Away Days specialists together with our local host, former ultras member of Manijaci (FK Zeljeznicar)
A special football trip available for a limited amount of football enthousiasts. Book your Away Days trip now!

Our 2019 aftermovie

Away Days - The Old Firm
Away Days - The Old Firm
Away Days - The Old Firm
Away Days - Sarajevo 4
Living life to the fullest

The former Yugoslavia is known for its incredible grilled meat dishes. With steaming barbecues and succulent grills, the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina truly know how to enjoy a good night out with food, friends and football fan culture. Experiencing and enjoying the local cuisine is an integral part of this unforgettable trip.

Away Days - Sarajevo 2
Jeruzalem of Europe

Sarajevo is situated in the centre of the beautiful Dinaric Alps, with beautiful green mountains surrounding the city. This is a truly unique city which boasts an incredible old town. If you have never visited Sarajevo before, then get ready to discover one of the most impressive (and unknown) destinations in Europe!

Away Days - Sarajevo 3
Turbulent history

Sarajevo was under siege for more than three years during the civil war in the nineties. The scars of that time are still visible all around the city. During your Sarajevo Away Days Trip, we will show you the impact of that time on Sarajevo and what it did to football life in the Balkans. We are sure what you will see and hear you will remember for the rest of your life!

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