Hammarby IF v Djurgardens IF

Since the return of Hammarby in the top league, the derby intensity has skyrocketed. Together with Djurgardens and AIK they battle for the position best club of Stockholm. Not only on the pitch, but even more on the stands. These derby’s are well known for the passion, beautiful choreos and pyro shows. Keep your eyes and ears open, this will be the proper derby experience you are looking for. This is the battle of Stockholm.


The capital of Sweden has it all. Besides the lively football culture it is a great combination of historical charm and casual modern character. There is plenty of diversity when it comes culinary enjoyment as well as a vibrant nightlife. Stockholm is colorful and challenging. A great destination for a city trip to have your perfect football weekend.

Battle of Stockholm

In 2015 Hammarby IF returned in the highest league which gave the derby intensity a huge impuls. Since that season they performed better and better. They are now even fighting for the top positions of the table. In 2018 they were dominating the league for a long time, but eventually rival AIK won the Championship. In 2019 the other rivals Djurgardens IF won the league title and this year everything can happen. One thing is for sure, the derby days will provide you with plenty of spectacle and a a great derby experience.

Your travel details

This 3-day trip includes:

    • Match visit Hammarby IF v Djurgardens IF, one of the major Stockholm derby’s, in the standing section next to the ultras
    • Two nights in a 3-star hotel in the heart of Stockholm
    • Hosted by one of our Away Days specialists
    • In case of a one person booking a surcharge of € 85,- applies
    • Extra nights and/or activities are available on request
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Hammarby Ultras

Hammarby IF has one of the biggest and most fanatic ultras in the country. The will go beyond football passion to support their 'Bajen', both vocally as well as presenting multiple chores and pyro shows. This club is alive as never before!

Away Days - Stockholm
Sparkling Stockholm

The colorful capital of Sweden is a beautiful combination of historical charm and casual modern character. Cultural strong with a vibrant nightlife. You wil find trendy clubs as well as cozy bars with a relaxed atmosphere.

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