Levski v CSKA

The capital of Bulgaria is probably one of the most surprising destinations we have. A great, vibrant city. Beause of the harmony between old and new, this city has it’s unique charme. In Sofia you won’t be bored for one second. Especially with the great football culture this city has to offer, in particular the Eternal Derby between Levski and CSKA.


Sofia is the Capital of Bulgaria and one of the oldest settlements in Europa. You will find a great mix of different cultures and heritages from the ancient past. If you walk in the city center, you see the rich history of this city and the country. Nowadays Sofia is also a modern, vibrant city with proper nightlife.

All in all everything is present for the perfect city trip.

Derby experience with fanatics Levski – Eternal Derby

Away Days provides a unique derby experience, as we are guest of the fanatic fans of Levski. Not only on match day itself, but during the entire weekend you are part of the derby atmosphere. Starting with a pre-match session in their supporter home, to walking to the stadium with their corteo and stand with them in the stadium during the derby. So not only an experience, you are part of it.

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This unique 4 day trip includes:
    • Staying in a 4-star hotel in the heart of Sofia
    • Airport transfers are included
    • Experience the derby together with the fanatic fans of Levski Sofia
    • Experience the vibrant nightlife of Sofia
    • Experience authentic Bulgarian football culture, Levski’s stadium as well as their museum founded by its fans
    • Guidance by on of our specialist plus our local host from Levski
    • In case of a one person booking a surcharge of € 85,- applies
A special football trip available for a limited amount of football enthousiasts. Book your Away Days trip now!

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Away Days - Kopenhagen Derby
Away Days - Levski Sofia
Fanatics of Levski

Levski has very loyal, fanatic fans. They have done so much for the club, like realizing their museum as well as raising money to help the club go through difficult times. You will experience the derby together with them, front seat. A unique experience like no other.

Eternal Derby
Eternal Derby of Bulgaria

Both Levski and CSKA belong tot the biggest and most succesful clubs in history. They have a huge fanbase and their rivalry is very intense. Alle comes together in the National Stadium on derby day, the Eternal Derby of Bulgaria.

Eternal Derby
City of Sofia

The Capital of Bulgaria is a great mix of old and new, great history, ancient architecture, combined with a modern twist and vibrant city center. You will bee surprised by this destination and not get bored for a second.

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